Little Princess Trust Poem

This beautifully written poem to Little Princess Trust from six-year-old Jade really struck a chord with me. When I was losing my hair by the bag full (yes, bag full), I used to throw it out of my bedroom window. Partly to get rid of the horrific daily reminder, but more so to try and turn it into a positive. Even though I found it near impossible to think positive thoughts, I knew I must. The little garden birds using my hair to build their nests made me feel like it wasn’t all a waste and that my beautiful long locks could live on a little longer keeping little creatures warm and protected.

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Let's talk colour fading/oxidisation

All processed human hair wigs and toppers will lose colour and fade out; they will also oxidise (go brassy). The rate in which this happens differs from wig to wig and is also influenced by your environment and how you look after them (remember that 99% of wigs are made from several different people's hair). This process cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down by using products that contain UV filters and thermal protectors such as Neal and Wolf.

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