Semi and Fully Custom Made Wigs and Toppers

I often get asked "How do your wigs stay on?", "Are they comfortable?", "That's never a wig, it's your own hair surely". The answer to these questions is simple: the wigs I wear are semi or fully custom made.


This ensures that they fit snugly and securely, are very very comfortable and just look so, so natural. If you have a long term medical hair loss condition, investing in a really good wig is paramount. Not only will it feel great, but it will look great too! With proper care, a wig of this quality can last a life time!!

The making of a semi-custom and fully-custom made wig can take anything from 4 weeks up to 18 weeks to make dependent on your requirements, so a little patience is required. 😘

Glamorous Butterfly can create a tailor-made bespoke wig to any specification. Whether that be a silicone cap for dancers and active ladies, a full multi-directional silk top for the most realistic of partings or a full custom colour, or all three. We will work with you to create your dream hair right from the sizing of the cap to the custom colour and finish of the wig or topper. All of this is coupled with a great after-service guiding you through looking after and styling your custom made hair.

Still not convinced? Why not book a totally free and confidential consultation with me, Vanessa, where I can show you the real beauty and security of a custom made wig or topper?