Custom Wig in Extreme Windy Conditions

In this video, Vanessa braves the cold high winds of Whitehaven as she demonstrates the staying power of a beautiful iWig.


The iWig by Erica Luxembourg is a human-hair wig that can be created using either Virgin European hair (hair that has never been processed or heat treated with the cuticle still in tact) or processed European hair (hair that has been heat and chemically processed with the cuticle partially in tact).

The cap of an iWig is formed using a French or silk Top  (hair sewn into layers of material giving a truly natural skin apperance) and an Open Front swiss Lace (hair is tied into thin skin-coloured swisslace).

Vanessa’s salon is located in Hensingham Business Park, Whitehaven, Cumbria; her salon contains a wide range of iWigs, along with many other luxury custom made wigs to explore.

If you’re interested in exploring the wigs and toppers available to you, contact Vanessa on 07889 224 019 or email All enquires will be treated with the utmost discretion.