Glamorous Butterfly featured in Trevor Sorbie's MyNewHair Newsletter

This blog is extracted from the Autumn 2016 mynewhair newsletter.

Vanessa is one of our more recent members and joined mynewhair at the beginning of 2016, located in Whitehaven, Cumbria, Glamorous Butterfly is already attracting approximately 30 clients per month.

Vanessa’s mission is to help make people feel good about themselves and she prides herself in offering a total package.  She offers a wide range of products and a comprehensive care package which includes cutting and styling, reconditioning and colouring of wigs. She also offers a range of other headwear and brow makeup as well as providing  supporting tutorials.

“I just love making people feel better about themselves and the change in their faces, posture and demeanour can be overwhelming. Ladies often come to me feeling extremely frightened, anxious and tearful with the thought of losing their hair and the prospect of having to wear a wig."

She believes that being a full time wig wearer herself has enabled her to develop a good level of empathy and also finds that this helps clients to become more at ease with her.
Vanessa finds her biggest challenge is working with clients who have advanced disease and admits she finds this “hard” but really tries to always make them feel special, beautiful and glamorous, in her words she feels she gives them “my all” She keeps in touch with her clients and finds they often post pictures of themselves in their wigs on her social media pages. She loves to see this especially seeing them transformed with a new found passion for life and looking fabulous!

Even though she is relatively new to the mynewhair network, Vanessa proves that the provision of a comprehensive service can be achieved in a relatively short time frame, she also works with the NHS and The Little Princess Trust. THANK YOU Vanessa, we are so pleased that you joined us and its wonderful to share your achievements.

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