How Glamorous Butterfly emerged from the chrysalis.

As soon as i was introduced into the world or wigs i was hooked. I couldn't believe how realistic they were not to mention the choice! Right then and there i knew i had to get out of my terribly stressful job, for my own sanity and recovery . Once i had made that leap i was then stuck with what to call my exciting new business. I really didn't want the word wig or my own name in the business title. I wrote down lots of ideas but nothing was totally right, nothing jumped out at me until one day.... I was watching TV, flicking through the channels and then it happened. Butterfly!! Vanessa in Hebrew translates into Butterfly, well Red Admiral butterfly to be exact. That was itthe start of my new business name. My whole ethos is to be as Glamorous as you can be so there it was born 'Glamorous Butterfly'. I pictured my clients emerging from the chrysalisinto a vibrant, beautiful, better form of themselves.