Realistic Expectations

As a wig colourist (poles apart from a regular colourist), I love to be able to push boundaries and create amazing results, but I have to be realistic.



Whilst I love getting photo/Pinterest inspiration from my clients, I always have to be 100% honest with them. There are many differences between colouring a human hair wig and bio hair; these are the main differences:

• 99% of wigs are created from 7 - 10 donors, so different parts of the wig will react differently to the colour.

• There is no blood supply, vitamins, minerals or oxygen getting to the cortex of the hair, therefore the hair reacts and holds onto the colour in different ways.

• A lot of wigs have had textile dyes used on them, making it impossible or near impossible to change the colour.

• Most human hair wigs have had the cuticle removed or partially removed, making the porosity of the hair very high. This, again, affects the colour transition and retention.

• Most human hair wigs have been through a very long, chemical process already, so the hair shaft is already very weakened and compromised.

• Photos taken from Google or Pinterest are of bio hair which has probably had over 10 colouring sessions to get to that level of colour. Of course, the photos will also most certainly have filters or have been photoshopped.

These are the main, but not all, reasons why it is not always possible to get the results you would like. At Glamorous Butterfly, we never promise any colour results, but always try our best to deliver.

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