Let's talk colour fading/oxidisation

All processed human hair wigs and toppers will lose colour and fade out; they will also oxidise (go brassy). The rate in which this happens differs from wig to wig and is also influenced by your environment and how you look after them (remember that 99% of wigs are made from several different people's hair). This process cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down by using products that contain UV filters and thermal protectors such as Neal and Wolf.


The other key thing is to have regular colour work/refreshes done along with reconditioning services. Think of your alternative hair as your family car. To keep it at its best you must have regular services, re-fuelling and repairs. Within the UK and Europe this summer, we have experienced all-time-high heat waves, some places going months and months in scorching hot temperatures. All this takes its toll on your wigs and toppers, not to mention excess sweating and possible salt/chlorinated water damage. Like biological hair (hair that grows out of your head) that we have coloured, we must keep it up in order for it to look and feel its best - it's the same with alternative hair - you just don't need to have it done as regularly. Once every six months is a good starting point, but not an exact science, as each wig reacts differently to its environment. So it could be less than six months; it could be more than six months.

To talk more about this, please feel free to post your questions below and, as always, I will do my very best to answer as honestly as I can.

Vanessa XX

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