How to care for your human hair toppers and wigs

All alternative human hair needs the best care and products possible to keep it looking and feeling it's best and lasting as long as it possibly can. We have to remember alternative hair does not have a blood supply, minerals or goodness getting to it so we need to replenish this loss. We also need to protect our alternative hair from UV and heat as much as we can which will slow down the oxidisation process and help keep the hair moisturised.

Here are a few tips on getting the best looking and feeling hair possible:

Neal and Woolfe

1. Use the best products possible which include UV and heat filters, tons of moisture and zero silicone and paraben. I recommend Neal and Wolf harmony range or Olaplex no 4 and 5.

2. When applying your conditioner make sure it goes on mids to ends of the hair only. Use a wide tooth comb to gently distribute the conditioner and here's the most important part - leave it on for as long as you possibly can, 1hr minimum over night if you can.

3. Apply an an oil on wet and dry hair again only on mids to ends. Add as often as you feel it needs it. I recommend Neal and Wolf velvet oil or Davines Nounou oil.

4. Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible, placing on a plastic wig stand with a towel underneath then finish on a medium heat with a hair dryer, finger drying.

Neal and Woolfe

5. When using heat tools I recommend Cloud Nine tools. Always section the hair, take your time:, have fun and never exceed 190°c.

6. Every 3 to 4 washes I recommend you use Olaplex no 3. This product is amazing and rebuilds the broken bonds of hair making it stronger and brighter. It must be used on wet hair, it doesn't activate on dry hair. Leave this product on your hair for as long as you possibly can, I've left it on my own hair for up to 24hrs and the results were phenomenal. It doesn't add moisture so use this treatment first then shampoo and condition as above.

7. And finally maintenance is also key so every 6 to 12 months I recommend a full recondition and colour service along with any repair work that may be needed. We provide all these services and products mentioned above.

Hope this helps you and remember you can always get in touch with us for more help and advice.

Vanessa xx