Recondition, recondition, recondition

I know I talk about this A LOT, but it’s so very important! Imagine this: your alternative human hair pieces have gone through a huge chemical process; such as acid baths, textile dyes and silicone coatings applied (not all processed human hair goes through all these processes). That, coupled with the fact that it has no blood supply, no oxygen, no essential vitamins and minerals getting to it. You add heat, you brush it everyday, you style it; it goes through A LOT, but we don’t put anything back into it.

Yes, using the best products possible in the correct way will help, but essentially a deep series of treatments (AKA a full recondition) is also needed. Not only will this strengthen the hair, but it will add moisture and shine.

The longer and older your hair is, the more regularly you need these services. Every four to six months is a really good starting point.

Included in Glamorous Butterfly’s recondition service is a cut/trim (we assess the ends to see how much we need to take off) and style. The full process takes 24 to 48 hours to complete, depending the the length, density and how damaged your hair is.

Recondition service Glamorous Buttrfly